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Don't rain on my parade

Give us some justice!

Give us some justice!

Give us some justice!

Sony Clie? IPAQ? Sony Clie!!!

It's muh birthday!

Happy Birthday my baby!

What a weekend!

Flight changed

Uploaded pics

Still undecided

It's pouring

New stage and party time

Clie it is!

Moved to Pent-Ox

Monday off

Great day...


1st off on a Saturday

Lobby lounge renovation

Moving booked... booking moved...

Expecting for a surprise call

What?!? Moving out again?!?

Speaking about...

2nd thing I hate about myself

1st thing I hate about myself

Lobby Lounge to be renovated

Frustratedly glad

Glad to have an off!

Thanks guys!

Rough week

Packing time

My countdown starts...

Wined and whined

It's been a great week!

Daily routine

BER months start off

Touching base