Frustratedly glad

I'm the kind of person who don't like keeping my hopes high or expecting things to happen. I describe myself as someone who lives life as it passes me by, no expectations or anything. The reason is because I don't like to get frustated or have my heart broken. I'm a a very emotional person and if things don't go the way I want them to be, I usually give up easily.

Like today... I went back to the electonic store again only to find out that the iPAQ h4350 I had my eyes on last Sunday has been sold... just this morning! What a shame! I needed to take a seat to let it absorb into my mind. Luckily, they offered to make an order for me if I really want it - and gave me a fair discount. My whole world just lit up! I paid deposit and left the shop.

Now I only have to deal with sleepless nights and itchy hands which couldn't wait to hold it... Whaaaaat?!? Sleepless nights again?!? Oh no!

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