Moving booked... booking moved...

Moving booked:
Soon, the reality will kick in. We're really moving out of the apartment on the 20th (Tuesday). We will be picked up by the hotel's shuttle bus at noontime to move back to Pent-Ox.

Booking moved:
Due to the national holiday on the first week of October, all the outbound flights are fully booked. We managed to book our ticket with Malaysian Airlines on the 3rd of October. But we are also on the waiting list with the rest of the 300 passengers on the 1st and 2nd of October. Wish us luck!

Birthday will be definitely be here in Shanghai. How and where is the problem since we're moving of our apartment. There's no kitchen in Pent-Ox. But my friends in KL can't wait to celebrate my birthday, even if it'll be few days after. *sigh*

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