1st off on a Saturday

It such a waste to be given an off on a Saturday when all you could do is pack, pack, f*ck!!! - the last word is an expression, not a deed! haha! Woke up at past 12noon, went online to check mails & to chat a bit. Packed a bit then prepared to go out with Marlou.

We went to the tallest building in China, Jin Mao Tower, which has 88 floors. Offices up until past 50th floor. From the 53rd or 54th floor, the Grand Hyatt. On the 88th floor is the observation deck. That was where we spent the whole 2 hours taking photos. I wasn't really in the mood for sightseeing and besides I've been there. But seeing a lot of improvement of Shanghai from the last time I've been there, it somehow amazed me for a while. We spent 2 hours (5-7PM) to capture the daylight and nighttime shots of Shanghai. I was so bored during the last hour that I only sat down and yawn, while waiting for the Oriental Pearl TV tower to light up. There were lots of people waiting for night time too. Luckily, they didn't bring their sleeping bags because most of them we sit-sleeping. Bought some souvenirs upstairs and when I went down, there were lots of vendors outside selling souvenirs as well which, as usual, was way cheaper than the one inside.

We walked our way to the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel. We had dinner buffet at Yi Cafe which I enjoyed because it's one of those times when I don't have to rush. I also ate ice cream after sooooo long, I had cookies & cream & chocolate flavors. Which was actually a bad idea since we were sitting below the aircon vent. So I wrapped up my dinner with a cappuccino.

The lobby lounge was being renovated. They moved the stage to the left side of the lounge (if you facing the lobby lounge), facing the whole lounge. It's a good change, but only why after sooo long? Why only now that we're leaving?! And why now when the hotel is always full? Somebody please answer me! Answer me!

When Marlou finished reading the papers, we went to Hengshan Lu and visited our friends who were playing at one of the bars in the old bowling center where we used go 3-4 years ago. The Existence Band were on their first set. Marcial and Nini arrived a set after. Had 2 Heinekens and I still wanted some more but I realized that we'll be packing when we go back home.

We went back around 12:30AM. I packed stuff for our boxes to KL & Manila. I haven't packed our stuff that's going to be left behind, but that's easy to throw in the luggage and plastic bags if there's no more time. Went to bed at 5:30AM printing everything that needs to be printed.

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