ORANGE COLORED SKY by Sarita Carreon

I dug this from my old hard disk hahaha! It was a pre-pandemic event with a Great Gatsby theme. So lucky to be backed up by these talented musicians who saved me from a mini heart attack halfway through the song after I missed a part after the instrumental hahaha! 

Piano: Francis Etorma

Sax: Kiko Pano

Guitar: Erskine Basilio

Bass: Gerald Flores

Drums: Gian Vergel

THAT'S ALL | Female Cover with lyrics by Sarita Carreon

Here's my cover of this classic song that I dedicate to my loving husband @TitoVibes on our 23rd Wedding Anniversary (3/3/2022). Thank you for everything, I love you so much! ❤️

Arranged by: Sonny Reyes

Mixed by: @Selena Marie 

BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE by Sarita ft. Clark On Stage on Sessions Live

Definitely one of my favorite duet songs with I normally do with my hubby Mar. But since, he's not always available to do duets with me these days lol, I was sooo glad that Clark is always to the rescue! 

Performed this at the Sweater Weather Showcase on Sessions Live in November 8, 2021.

IT'S OH SO QUIET by SARITA || Sessions Live's Trick or Treat 2021

Makeup by Yours Truly

On October 27, 2021, I joined the Trick or Treat Showcase on Sessions Live. As everyone was excitedly preparing for their own showcases, I was my usual last-minute self. I ordered a black cape online which only cancelled a day before the showcase. So I had to think fast and conceptualize differently from what I had originally thought. 

At 8PM at night, I found myself cramming of what I could do or be for the showcase. But I know myself a little too well. Managed to get everything I needed for the new "zombified pumpkin look" I'm aiming for, except for the outfit. I remember I used to have an orange and black outfit back in the day so I dug up old suitcases of clothes and yessss, I found it! And it was only at midnight when I started lining up potential songs for the 20-minute performance. Oh yes, I always love the adrenalin rush!

Showcase day arrived and I did my Halloween look in less than an hour - surprisingly! Everything was makeup-based anyway, no prothetic makeup needed. Thanks to my adrenalized pulse, everything was created with no erasures!  

Didn't have much liberty to study new songs, however I just picked out songs from my repertoire which I might be able to pull off spookily. And one of them is a Betty Hutton classic "It's Oh So Quiet", which was later popularized by Björk. Enjoy my spooky version! 

SARITA's Guesting on MB's Saturday Night Jamming Live on Channel 31 Online

Just extracted my fun part (interview and performance) from the 2-hour show hosted by Michael Brian on Channel 31 Online (FB) few months ago. To watch the whole FB show with other guests like Imelda Papin and J.Martin of Retrospect Band, click here:

SHE'S GONE (The Good Vibes Version) | SESSIONS LIVE

Just a lip-sync challenge of this very difficult song to break the ice. Lip-syncing is on the most requested among my antics in my live streams and parties. 

The Good Vibes Versions are songs that are usually just for fun, butchered, and all for the good vibes - and often times, coined with a new song title.

Join me for some good vibes on Sessions Live daily from 11AM to 3PM PHT:

Rodney - Laugh At First Sight (BIGO TOUR)

I used to do this segment in my BIGO Livestreams which I call "BIGO TOUR". It's basically finding a random person to talk to by using the "Match" button in a livestream. So once I find my match, I'd prank them that I don't know how to speak Tagalog at all - if the other party is from the Philippines. But if it's from another country, then I pull up "Mommy Dionisia" (Manny Pacquio's mother) accent. 

There have been lots of funny matches before and I really miss doing it. So today, out of the blue, I just decided to go on a BIGO Tour. Usually I'd finish it off with a "Izza Prank!" revelation at the end. But today, I had audio problem at that time (due to cabling) so I couldn't actually hear him and I was only relying on the comments for communication. And here's what happened. Dear Rodney, please forgive me. LOL 😊