THE TOMB RAIDER TEMPLE ADVENTURE | Ta Prohm + Banteay Kdei Temples 🇰🇭

Join us in exploring the famous Ta Prohm Temple, the shooting location for the movie "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" (2001) starring Angelina Jolie. We also dropped by the Banteay Kdei since it was in the same area.

We also have a giveaway for this video, winners will be announced on September 1st, 2023.

MY FIRST EVER GRAB VIDEO | Grab Stories by Sarita

I came across this video on my hard drive - my first-ever output during our Content Creation Masterclass for the #GrabForGood Campaign 2022 - which I realized I haven't shared online ever. Hahaha! It does feel cringy watching this now but I must admit that the story that I made here was not that bad for a newbie back then.

I would like to thank Nas Academy and Grab Philippines for this rare opportunity. It certainly has opened a lot of doors for me and the skills I have learned throughout the 5-month mentorship will surely help me in my future projects.

ORANGE COLORED SKY by Sarita Carreon

I dug this from my old hard disk hahaha! It was a pre-pandemic event with a Great Gatsby theme. So lucky to be backed up by these talented musicians who saved me from a mini heart attack halfway through the song after I missed a part after the instrumental hahaha! 

Piano: Francis Etorma

Sax: Kiko Pano

Guitar: Erskine Basilio

Bass: Gerald Flores

Drums: Gian Vergel

THAT'S ALL | Female Cover with lyrics by Sarita Carreon

Here's my cover of this classic song that I dedicate to my loving husband @TitoVibes on our 23rd Wedding Anniversary (3/3/2022). Thank you for everything, I love you so much! ❤️

Arranged by: Sonny Reyes

Mixed by: @Selena Marie 

BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE by Sarita ft. Clark On Stage on Sessions Live

Definitely one of my favorite duet songs with I normally do with my hubby Mar. But since, he's not always available to do duets with me these days lol, I was sooo glad that Clark is always to the rescue! 

Performed this at the Sweater Weather Showcase on Sessions Live in November 8, 2021.

IT'S OH SO QUIET by SARITA || Sessions Live's Trick or Treat 2021

Makeup by Yours Truly

On October 27, 2021, I joined the Trick or Treat Showcase on Sessions Live. As everyone was excitedly preparing for their own showcases, I was my usual last-minute self. I ordered a black cape online which only cancelled a day before the showcase. So I had to think fast and conceptualize differently from what I had originally thought. 

At 8PM at night, I found myself cramming of what I could do or be for the showcase. But I know myself a little too well. Managed to get everything I needed for the new "zombified pumpkin look" I'm aiming for, except for the outfit. I remember I used to have an orange and black outfit back in the day so I dug up old suitcases of clothes and yessss, I found it! And it was only at midnight when I started lining up potential songs for the 20-minute performance. Oh yes, I always love the adrenalin rush!

Showcase day arrived and I did my Halloween look in less than an hour - surprisingly! Everything was makeup-based anyway, no prothetic makeup needed. Thanks to my adrenalized pulse, everything was created with no erasures!  

Didn't have much liberty to study new songs, however I just picked out songs from my repertoire which I might be able to pull off spookily. And one of them is a Betty Hutton classic "It's Oh So Quiet", which was later popularized by Björk. Enjoy my spooky version!