Clie it is!

We had our soundcheck at the lobby lounge just now. The new stage is good but we're quite worried that we might look and sound more like just a background music.

I spoke with the iPAQ guys on the phone and I was so disappointed when they said that the company doesn't have this model anymore. I regretted my indecision of buying it on that very day I saw it. I should have just bought it right away.

After soundcheck, I went to the computer store beside Intercontinental Hotel. I tried to find the iPAQ that I want, maybe one of the shop has it. I looked and asked around but I didn't see iPAQ4350, they don't sell it. One guy suggested PalmOne's Lifedrive to me. It doesn't have a thumb keyboard so I scratched it off the list. Which leaves me to my original plan - Sony Clie PEG-UX50/U. They sold it at a higher price here in Pudong, RMB4350. So I called the iPAQ guys and asked them for the cheapest price they can give me for all the trouble I had gone through waiting for my iPAQ. They gave me a fair price of RMB3600, fair enough.

Can't wait to get it. It's been more than 1 week now...

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