Speaking about...

Speaking about those indecent proposals, something happened at work just now. The lounge was so busy, full packed, but most of them were discussing and not really palying any attention to us. We'd be glad if someone claps after a song and say "thank you" while batting our eyelashes.

When we went to Yi Cafe to place our orders for our supper, we noticed that it was also full. Upon leaving the restaurant, Marlou and Brice were walking a bit ahead of me. Then a tall man, in his 50's, approached me from behind, whispered to my ears and said "I give you my number", then handed me a tiny piece of paper with the note written "Shangri-La Hotel, Room 1403", then disappeared. I laughed and passed the paper to Marlou, then we were laughing at the thought of letting Marlou turn up on the old man's room instead, complete with fishnet stockings & a tutu (ballet skirt).

So there, that should serve all you pervs some lesson. Next time you think of approaching me, try to check on Marlou and see what you could be missing!!! Hahaha!

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