Photo by Mar Silverio
A multi-talented lady with an impeccable presence. Lights up a room with her contagious smile. Livens up a moment with her nonstop energy. She was born to be this way and therefore was named SARITA, which means 'little princess' in Spanish and 'river flowing like a silk" in Hindi. She has definitely lived up to her name - literally and figuratively.

SARITA JIMENEZ CARREON was born on the 29th of September some time ago. An only child from her estranged parents, she grew up indepedently, trying to learn and discover new things in her own way. A lady that lives by the mantra "carpe diem". Born as a typical charming Libra, she is very analytical person who analyses every situation and would often have her own theories on every detail that comes along.

A loving mom to Selena and sweet wife to Marlou, she's been admired by many to have had a very successful life. Because this multi-talented Little Princess is not only a successful professional singer. but also a commercial/print/photographic model, a makeup artist, an emcee/host, website designer, blogger, videographer/editor, a talent coordinator, brand ambassador, and an entrepreneur.