New stage and party time

Our new stage at the Pudong Shangri-La gained thumbs-up from the guests. They definitely liked it, and we also do. The only thing is that we have to be very careful about the sound. Will have to post photo of us soon.

I just came from Culture Shock's Joan's birthday party which was well-attended by musicians in Shanghai. Me and Marlou took the pics. There were lots of foreign musicians, I just knew them at the party. It was a great party and the drinks were flowing. Food was cooked by Joan, with the help of her band, Ate Nini and her boyfriend. One highlight of the party was when her boyfriend Diether knelt down, took out a ring and proposed to her on her birthday! It was such a romantic event. The music was loud and everyone's dancing. I made fun of one of the girls I met there, because no one dared to dance with her. It was so hilarious and everyone was cracking up. The noise level was extremely high that we were disturbed by the security as there were complaints from the neighboring doors. Even the units 3-4 floors down and up complained. Imagine one unit being occupied by noisy people with loud voices, standing room only! But after settling it with the guards, the party continued.

Just when some started to leave, Marlou and I made our exit too. Brice was nowhere in sight after the party started. We live next door and we actually could hear the noise - the complaint was very true. We had a long day and we needed to sleep.

Marlou went to bed at 5:30. I checked mail and was so disappointed with the internet connection. It's sooooooooo freaking slow at 9.6kbps. They also blocked some of the internet dial-up numbers so I couldn't try the other numbers.

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