Sony Clie? IPAQ? Sony Clie!!!

I went to the PDA shop yesterday to get my deposited money for the iPAQ h4350 that I ordered. But since they said that HP discontinued this product, I just asked for my money back. While I was there, I tried couple of PDA's. One is iPAQ 6365, with a bluetooth, wifi, and a detachable thumb keyboard. The other one is still the greatest contender in my choices: Sony Clie UX50. I found it so cute and it surely fits my personality than having an iPAQ which is suitable for business people. Ohhhhhhh, I was an inch short from buying it ONLY I didn't my wallet with me. When I went back home yesterday, Marlou and Brice saw that I really liked it so they asked me why I didn't buy it.

As a birthday present for myself, or as a consolation for myself, I will go to the shop and buy that Sony Clie UX50 that have been bugging me for weeks now. I need to, I have to, I want to... Huwahhhhhhhhh!!!

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