Don't rain on my parade

Someone is really trying to rain on my parade. It's my day and a force is trying to ruin it. Maybe fate, maybe karma, who knows. But I always have a positive mood today, except for that freaking call from the hotel which was resolved right away. The assistant F&B called and told us that hotel is paying for our last night's accommodation. So that's solved.

But I couldn't believe what just happened when I made a call to the PDA shop just before leaving the house today. The Sony Clie that I wanted and was about to buy yesterday was again sold to another customer. Marlou and Brice felt bad for me, but it didn't upset me that much. I accepted defeat and was being optimistic about it. I was thinking that maybe it was not meant for me. And it really wasn't.

I went to another computer store after that incident, just to buy blank CDs. I passed by one PDA shop, and again, drooled on the more expensive units. Marlou followed me there and saw a Treo600. He asked me why I didn't like Treo600 when he knows that I'm a heavy texter (SMS). I pointed out that I don't need a phone, but a PDA with wifi connectivity. Since he's had his Palm Tungsten C for a few months now and also, he felt sorry for me and my PDA jinxes, he gave up his unit to me. I bought the Treo600 which is way cheaper than KL and his Tungsten C, because they get their goods from HK.

If you think about it, it sounds crazy me buying a unit for him on my birthday. It sounds insane that he has a brand new toy and I get the used one. I don't care. I've had too much trouble about this freaking PDA choosing and now that I have a Tungsten C, which is slightly used, I never need to worry now. Besides, Palm Tungsten was my first choice before Palm discontinued it. I just couldn't find it around here anymore except on Ebay.

So who told you that you're allowed to rain on my parade?

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