It's muh birthday!

Itz muh burpdei!

My band sang a birthday song to me infront of an empty crowd. Oh no, not so empty, there was somebody listening to us. Brice didn't know what to say but at least she made her point to greet me. After that birthday song, Marlou sang two of the songs that he dedicated to me, "Forever Love" and "What Matters Most" which really put me into tears. Luckily we only played until 12:15AM coz if not, I'd be crying all through out. Luckyt that my mascara is waterproof!

After our set, we ate supper. I forgot to order spaghetti or any noodles/pasta. In Philippines, it is a sign of long life when you have pasta/noodles on your birthday. We watched an HBO movie while having supper, then I borrowed microwave oven from Joanne. She stays next door to us. We need the microwave oen for Friday's small gathering.

Marlou went to sleep ahead, I went online to chat with some friends. It definitely feels good chatting eventhough the internet speed was only 9.6kbps. I went to bed about 5AM.

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