What a weekend!

It has been a busy weekend. One of the roughest time for me too. This month, I have dealt with lots of personal problems but I'm quite grateful that they're all resolvable. I hope things will run smoothly for me now.

This is our last week in Shanghai. We managed to book seats on an earlier flight with MAS. Leaving on Sunday, the 2nd of October, for KL. Just simply thinking about KL gives me butterflies in my stomach. I really am looking forward to go back there.

Last night was our last BATS gig. I was dreading for it because of the current situation I've been having, but it turned okay and fun. Couple of friends came to visit us: Ayeth & Danny of Harmony & Rhythm Band and Marcial & Nini of D'Zone Band.

After work, we all proceeded to Xanadu. It's a new hangout for Shanghai musicians. A Mauritian band plays there nightly, but on Sundays, other musicians would take over the stage to jam. I was pleasantly surprised by the talented musicians who put out their hearts and souls for their musical passion. It was a showdown of talents. And it's always like that in Xanadu on Sundays. I wasn't asked to sing luckily, because I always feel intimidated when there's a jamming session especially by talented musicians. It was fun to be the audience that time.

We went back home at 5AM. Slept only for a couple of hours, then woke up at 8AM. We went to the Malaysian Consulate to apply for visa. We went back home at 10AM, slept the whole day. I woke only at 5:30PM.

What a day...

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