BER months start off

It's the 1st of September. In other countries, climates are changing, maybe having their summer or their autumn. But in a tropical country like Philippines, we only experience 2 kinds of weather: sunny & rainy. In most cases: sunny, rainy & stormy. In rare cases: rainy & very stormy. We don't have 4 seasons and most of us haven't actually seen an actual snow flake - except for the small stalls during summer selling halo-halo.

In Philippines, where majority are Roman Catholic or Christians, September is an exciting point of the year. SeptemBER is followed by other BER months and soon enough it'll be Christmas time.

To those who haven't been to my country, you won't believe how Christmas is hugely celebrated in the Philippines. Some stores are starting to sell Christmas carol CDs and tapes. In fact, I was greeted by one of my agent's daughters today: Advanced Merry Christmas.

And yes, September is of course a significant month for a Libran like me. My daughter's birthday is on the 27th while mine is 2 days after that. Birthdays don't actually excite me like it used to get the party girl out of me few years back.

So, if age doesn't really matter, why does it matter to me now?

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