Still packing. Didn't have lunch, didn't have food. Only coffee and biscuits and I just had a KFC zinger burger which Marlou brought for me when he went to Baoshan Lu. And he bought me an amazing gift, a Maori Technomarine watch, my 2nd Technomarine watch. It's not authentic BUT it looks like the real thing.

My 1st Technomarine watch is authentic, which was given to me last year, because it came with the Certificate of Authenticity and it came with it's original box and warranty. I couldn't even tell the difference between the two, except for its design. And I couldn't tell if my Maori is not authentic, except of its lack of certificate & warranty. It's an A1 replica.

Anyway, time to pack again. I will go to Watsons to buy some stuff then I'll take a nap when I go back home. It's BATS time later, but off again tomorrow!!! Tah-tah!

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