1st thing I hate about myself

1st thing I hate about myself:

I'm super nice and very polite and wouldn't want to be rude to anyone. I know that's not a bad thing. But as an artiste, I do get a lot of indecent proposals or rude pick-up lines or comments that would make another girl slap the person in the face. Even if someone comes up to me and says "I want to sleep with you tonight" or "How much is one night with you?", I still couldn't stand being rude to that person. I still act diplomatically and just avoid that person in the course.

But I remember one time, there's this white guy during that past New Year's Eve in KL who asked me to sit on his lap. I've had fairly enough champagnes then so I said "no" politely. He told me "ok, come with me in room and s*ck me". Eventhough the music was loud, I acted like I didn't hear it so I said "I beg your pardon?". He said, "I said f*ck off" so I said "f*ck off too and s*ck yourself!"... I left the table with his friends embarrassed with how he acted, I felt proud of what I did. The next day, I told the management about it, just in case he'd complain. Our GM said, "you should have slapped him and called the security, I don't care if he's a VIP or if he's staying in the Presidential suite". So eventhough I was proud to act bitchy for a while then, I still felt bad because I couldn't just slap someone eventhough I was already verbally abused. I just couldn't stand hurting another person just for the sake of me letting off my steam.

That I think is one thing I should change. Sometimes I dream of being bitchy & ill-tempered like Ally McBeal or maybe strong like Xena, the warrior princess. I know that ain't me, but I wish even for a day. Oh I've been watchin too much telly maybe. Or maybe, that ain't bad for a birthday wish, don't you think so?!?

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