Thanks guys!

Thanks to you guys who have read that I had a rough week. You're all so sweet and thoughtful with your encouraging words. And to those who would visit my blog on a regular basis, thanks a lot for enduring my senseless stuff, hahaha!

It's my off today. And to prove that shopping is a girl's medicine to stress, I went out and did some window shopping. And yes, it worked although I'm not a typical girl who would be wooed by clothes, shoes, handbags. The only kind of store that would lit up my senses is the electronic store.

But now, I know I will have sleepless nights again afer I saw couple pf PDA's I wanted to have!!! Hahaha! Since Palm Tungsten C is already obsolete, I've been trying to find a good PDA which has a keyboard layout and which has connectivity for bluetooth and wireless LAN. The 2 models I have to choose from are:

Sony Clie PEG-UX50/U
Hewlett-Packard iPaq h4300

Sony Clie is a lot costly but very nice design. I've read reviews of both products but I'm still confused. If you can help me out to decide, I'd really appreciate your piece of mind.

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