Glad to have an off!

Woke up at 11AM today, went to the shower straight before having a breakfast prepared by Marlou. He's trying to cook the remaining stock in the fridge as we might be moving back to the hotel or another apartment again after our current apartment's contract with the Shangri-La expires on the 22nd of Sept. We don't know if they're going to sign renewals. Anyway, after shower, I wanted to wear my denim skirt to church, it's not really as mini as I'd wear during work, it's more modest and not flippy like other skirts. But Marlou said it's drizzling outside and I might feel a bit cold afterwards so I changed to my jeans. And luckily, I changed because... I'll tell you the story later.

So the three of us left for church after 12noon. When we reach the church, there was an Italian Espresso Coffee stall that served coffees for free. Being a coffee-addict like me, I stopped by and got my full cup of coffee. The St. Peter Church itself is situated on the 3rd floor of the church building. We sat by the benches infront of the church doors as we wait for the mass to begin. I asked Brice and Marl to go ahead inside because my coffee was still hot, can't even sip it. The mass already started and I was still worrying about my coffee. It just smelled sooooo coffee-ish!!! I sipped half-cup and burned my tongue and throat and rushed inside.

Marl was sitting with Marcial on the left side of the last rows, Brice was seated near the center aisle of the last row so I just sat beside her. Since I had a rough week, I was purely emotional and quiet all through out the mass. Offertory came and I watched the kids lining up at the church door with flowers. They looked so cute. Was reminiscing when Marlou and I did the offertory couple of weeks ago, when I was patted on my back and was asked to offer the Hosts! Oh my God! They also asked Brice to offer the other set of Hosts and another guy to bring the wine. I was all giggly on the line and people around we looking at me because I was making fun of the Hosts' cup I was bringing. The kids, who were holding flowers to offer, started marching down the aisle and I still didn't know what I was offering, then it was my turn. As I was approaching the altar, making my gait as modest as possible, I was thinking funny thoughts again. I actually wanted to hand the cup to the priest and ask "what the hell is inside this?", but I was too scared that he might collapse upon hearing the word "hell", so I just kept it in my imagination.

After the mass, Marlou and I went to the 2nd hand building in Fuxing Lu. Just went around the building to scout for any stuff. Marlou bought me a fan for my PC, the kind that you can connect to ur USB port, either to cool down your laptop or to cool you down when you feel hot in a middle of a steamy chat, hahaha!

We went to Xujiahui after that to meet up with our Boss, who wanted me to scout around while waiting for him. He wanted to buy a Sony PSP for his daughter. So me and Marlou went to look around and I only ended up drooling for PDA's! Our boss came 2 hours after and he handed me the money to buy for him. Luckily I didn't give the money right away because I knew they were not giving out warranties for Sony PSP when you buy them in China. What a waste of time! But anyway, at least, I found a birthday present for myself!!! I just have to decide on it, sooner rather than later.

It's raining hard and it was difficult to find a taxi. Marlou and I took the subway train, which took around 30 minutes. When we reached home, Marlou was rushing to his PC to record the F1 race while I rushed to mine to research for the PDA's I found. Then I took a nap for almost 2 hours then surfed back on the net again.

Hmmm, after a rough week, it was not a bad day after all...

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