Wined and whined

Last night's BATS gig wasn't bad at all. I learned how to really relax myself on stage, rather than pumping up and down and getting all tired at the end of night - when no one's listening. I really have to learn it because my body is very rhythmical. Once it hears a beat, I can't help but move it. After our set, somebody from BMG Australia gave me a bottle of wine. I put the bottle in my bag and sped off home.

Ate Nini came to our house for me to install stuff in her computer. We drank the wine that was given to me and opened another bottle. Brice and Marlou slept early, around 4AM. Ate Nini and I whined about our lives until 6:30AM. I cleaned up our place for 30 minutes and dozed off until 3PM.

One more BATS gig on the 18th... woohooooo!

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