Name: Sarita Carreon 

I started as a portrait model professionally in 2009, when Marl was still starting out with his photography. Being the only subject he could drag to execute an idea, I easily accumulated kick-ass photos for my portfolio and so did he (check out his photography page on Facebook). Then I was hired by different photographers to pose for them for their own portfolios, for different photography workshops and fun shoots. This was when I met a world-renowned Filipino photographer, Manny Librodo, whose expertise was out-of-this-world photography. I met a lot of photographers in the Philippines and Malaysia because of him.

Then I started doing commercials in 2012. I was regarded as one of the luckiest newbies in the industry, despite having mother roles usually. To date, I have made 14 TV commercials shown not only in the Philippines, but also in other countries like Indonesia and America.

In the late 2015, I was awarded by National Customer's Choice Annual Awards with the Most Outstanding Professional Achievement Award in Entertainment and TV Commercial Modeling (read about it here). It's indeed a great honor to have that recognition. :)
Sarita Carreon's TV Commercials
  • Quaker Oats "WTW" - Philippines 2012
  • Zonrox Color Bleach - Philippines 2012
  • Royco - Indonesia 2012
  • Ceelin Vitamins "Kundiman" - Philippines 2013
  • UFC Spaghetti Sauce "Pop Sarap" - Philippines 2013
  • Lancaster New City Real Estate - Philippines 2013
  • Tide "Gorgeous" - Philippines 2013
  • Vonage "Pinoy Care" - United States 2013
  • Blend 45 Coffee "Gising Pinoy" - Philippines 2013
  • Blend 45 Coffee "Malambing" - Philippines 2013
  • Biogesic "Damang Dama" - Philippines 2013
  • Lucky Me Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy "Kaya" - Philippines 2014
  • Solane LPG "Strickly Solane" - Philippines 2014
  • Bear Brand Powdered Milk - Philippines 2014
  • Bear Brand Busog Lusog Cereal Drink - Philippines 2015
  • Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits "Spotlight" - Philippines 2015
 Here's the playlist of my different modeling projects... ENJOY!

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