My countdown starts...

26 more days to go... hmmm can't wait. I get all jittery and excited and my eyes would light up when I think of leaving Shanghai to go to my favorite city, KL. I really like KL for a lot of reasons. I love the people there, it's a place where I don't feel homesick at all. Because Filipinos' race is Malay and people in Malaysia look like Filipinos. Besides, there is a place/mall in downtown called Kota Raya, where you can get products and goods from the Philippines.

I really wish that her Royal Highness will take it seriously when I said I really would like to stay in Malaysia and make it my home. Maybe when she asks me to sing again in one of her functions in Shangri-La KL, I will tell her again about it. Besides, my Bahasa Melayu is not bad, just need to brush up on it. I used to speak Bahasa fluently when I first came to Malaysia, because I had to learn it in Indonesia as, like in China, it's very difficult to get around when you don't speak a little of their native tongue. Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malay is very similar and the words are pretty similar with Philippine's Visayan dialect & Tagalog.

So 26 more days to go... I wish that it's just 24 days more because I really want to celebrate my birthday there on the 29th in KL! Huhuhuhu!

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