Monday off

The iPAQ guys haven't called me yet. Maybe because they're sick of my whining through text messages and calls. I don't think it's right to tell a customer that the product will be shipped in 3 days. If it takes a week, then say it. What if I'd be leaving 3 days after? Besides, I'm staying in Pudong which takes like 30 minutes for me to go to their shop, either by train or by taxi. I mean, c'mon, waiting for their call is not the only that I'd be doing the rest of the day. Although I admit that I've been losing sleep coz of that. Coz everytime I open my eyes, I'd wonder if they have texted me on that day. We're very busy at the moment and it just stressed me out when I don't get to do the things my way. Hopefully I'd get it any day sooner coz I might really take out my ax and go berserk!

It's Monday and the lobby lounge is still being renovated so we're still off. But we won't be going out today, till tonight to watch some bands, because somebody will pick up our boxes to be sent to Manila, so we'll have to wait. We all woke up at 7:30AM today because we sent out boxes to KL, to save up for excess baggages. We have to be really careful about it, I used to spend a lot on excess baggages. The airline is giving 25 kgs to each of us and the hotel is giving 60 kgs for the group. Our instruments alone takes up the hotel's allotted baggage allowance.

By the way, last night was a great gig at the BATS. Jun, of Forte Band, came to visit us and jammed with us. A long-time friend who I have seen for 5 years also came to visit me and gave me a birthday gift, JBL on tour portable speakers. It's really great and it's just so much in a great timing because I've been scouting portable speakers lately but most of the speakers are made for iPOD's. So I was really thankful when I got it.

Moving out tomorrow to Pent-Ox. Hopefully they'll put to the new building where they have cable internet readily installed. The old building doesn't have DSL, and they have locked the phone lines so no outbound calls can be made. I might have to rely on Shangri-La's hotspot which will take up my mobile load. Let's wait and see...

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