Give us some justice!

Badtrip! Just got a call from the hotel that if we want to stay in the apartment longer than Oct 1st, we will have to pay for the room fee! What the...! Our flight is on Oct 2nd so that means we'll have to find a place to stay for a night when in fact it's the hotel's responsibility for our accomodation. What do they think of us? After using us, they'll just throw us out like that? Where's the consideration?

We have worked here in Pudong Shangri-La Hotel for the past 5 months. And this is even our 4th time working in this hotel since 2000. We didn't give them headache or any complaints even if we think they're going way beyond the line. Even if we looked like black widows wearing black every night, even if hotel's pipe-in music is louder than our sound, we obeyed them because that's what they want. We're not acting like superstars but we're not a desperate band either who would just kiss somebody else's ass just to put some food in our mouths. Only thing we can brag about is our passion for music.

Now why am I raising this subject? Simply because we don't deserve to be treated this way. We have worked properly. We have money, yes, but we are not paying anything for our accomodation because that's hotel's responsibility. We're lucky we know people in this city. What if we don't? They'll just throw us out of the street?

Try to think of this. The Canadian singer who will replace is ALREADY staying in the hotel since Monday. And she's staying IN THE HOTEL and she haven't started working yet. And the black band playing at the jazz bar of the hotel has been staying in the hotel since they got there, while the BATS' Culture Shock and U.R.B. bands are staying outside. Now is this a racial discrimination? Is it because their color is black or white and ours is somewhere in between? You tell me.

We're leaving for the airport at 6AM. What we're planning to do is to stay with our sister band playing at the BATS the night before we leave. They're more than willing to shelter us for a night. Another option is maybe we should just lie around in the big sofa's of the hotel and wouldn't move an inch if they'd ask us to move. Maybe glue myself in the sofa or tie myself on it. Hmmmm... not a bad idea...

Justice please!

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