It's pouring

Had a good rest, I woke up at 1PM. I wasn't really hungry, maybe I ate too much last night, so I just had coffee. I was supposed to go to Xujiahui today but I felt a bit lazy. So I just dragged Brice to the nearby tailor for us to try if she can do our dresses right. I had my measurements first and then I went to the next shop which makes business cards. I ordered my business cards and they charged me very cheap. Only RMB70 for 200 pieces. Then suddenly the rain poured. It was 4PM then but it looked like 7:30PM. It was so dark and the rain was so heavy, I think it was my first time to experience that in Shanghai. Brice was still at the tailor's shop but already done. Since she has an umbrella with her, I asked her to fetch me next door. We ran across the flooded street to Novotel Atlantis Hotel where we managed to get a cab.

Hopefully it stops right away, because we'll be worried going to work with our long gowns later.

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