Great day...

After packing yesterday afternoon - or this afternoon in my time table - I went out to buy something at the nearby Watsons. While I was walking in the gardens of Summit Panorama, there were some simple things that have made my day.

There was a couple of kids, I guess they're sisters, one is around 3 and the other maybe 7. They were both on their rollerblades with the older guiding the younger one. I was touched by the way the bigger sister was so protective of her little sister.

The walk path in the garden is not straight. I was passing by the path opposite to the playground, then suddenly whoooooshhhh! A football flew across a meter away from me from the playground. I picked up the ball looking for the owner. Then a little Chinese boy, around 5 years old, was running to me to get his ball. So I smiled and I threw him back the ball. The gesture he made was very simple but it touched me. He caught the ball and heard him say "thank you!". I was so touched that I left the garden teary eyed.

Those simple things in our everyday lives can definitely touch someone else's heart or can influence someone else's life. Let's learn to appreciate little things as we live everyday of our lives.

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