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Highest sales record

Down under to Shang

The truth on A1

New pix posted!


38 hours

A1 Grand Prix in KL 2006

A1 season again

More puzzles

Usual meal

Fagged out

Wishlist is back

Just the right crowd

Puzzle me

Damn spam

Finally met the Big One

Wardrobe mishap

Jammin' w/ Beat Culture Band at RP

Rrrruff week


No wi-fi!!!!!!!!

Ping... pong...

De Palma Hotel

Eat's a day... but... grrrr!

Peach Apple Tree is in town

It's time everyone flies to KL

November gallery up

When there's no one else...

Videos ok

Video: Headbangin' Sarita in '98

Video: Macarena girl in 1997

Laughing trip

Praying for the same room

Not yet moving

Guess what?

Relaxed and boozed

Very busy Sunday

Tremendous request slips

Home page messed up

Nasi Kandar Pelita


My Photo Flick

Hips don't lie

Gourmet Festival in KL

The Lioness

Kuala Lumpur '06 up

Happy Halloween!