Usual meal

Breakfast is out of the daily meal for us because we always wake up at around 3PM. I'd turn on the kettle and heat some water for my coffee. Then I'd have chocolate bread with it. My favorite is the Gardenia chocolate muffin. If Caltex Star Mart doesn't have that, then I could settle for chocolate Twiggies.

The next meal would be at 7PM and since I've already tried ALL dishes from the room service menu, I would either have Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng or Spaghetti Bolognese. I could never go wrong with any of that. Oh, I'd only have Spaghetti if it's mixed by Marl. We'd usually ask for chili ketchup and cheese and he'd mixed with the already-mixed meat sauce. We would usually have frenzy over my spaghetti when he does that. I've tried mixing it by myself or Jan would try it by herself, but nothing could come close to Marl's spaghetti mix.

Last meal would be supper after work, I would usually have 4 pieces of white toast, a hot chocolate and a mixed fruit platter. Just enough to fill my stomach. I don't like eating too much after work. Marl and Jan would always change their orders but I'd stick to my supper.

Of course, I'm taking my daily vitamins and health supplements like 1000mg Vit.C, 400I.U. Vit.E, cod liver oil caps, 1000mg Spirulina, and some herbal stuff like Pei Pa Koa syrup and Agaricus mushroom extract in capsules. So I'm still almost complete with nutrients that my energetic yet overworked body needs. That's very important.

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