Just the right crowd

Tonight was not sooo full-packed but we have the right audience to get us motivated. Unlike other nights when the lounge would be overflowingly full-packed, but only few would pay attention. It was rather fun tonight. Everyone was just enjoying themselves with the songs we played. Most of the crowd were into "musicals" and so we gave them what they wanted. Most of them stayed until our last song.

They even requested for an encore after our supposed last piece. I then asked them if they prefer a slow one or fast one... "faaast". We have lots of fast songs so I had to ask them again, "rock & roll?", nobody answered. Hmmmm... "Sexy?", they shouted to agree and somebody even said "very sexy!". I joked and said, "Very sexy? You will have to pay for it then!", then everybody laughed. But of course we gave them something wild and energetic for our encore. It was just the right crowd for us. Indeed a great night. I really enjoyed myself as much as they enjoyed themselves.

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