Jammin' w/ Beat Culture Band at RP

My sleep has really improved since moving into this wifi-less room. Like I'd sleep at 5:30AM or before 6AM and I'd get up at 4PM. Before I'd usually get up at around 2PM. This is good. At least, my body could really rest.

I got up at 4PM, therefore wasted half of my offday. When I looked out to the window, it wasn't a day to look forward to anyway, because it was gloomy. I just had a coffee by the window and went online until 6PM.

By 7PM, Jan and I were already in the lobby waiting for JP's car to pick us up to go to his place for dinner. But the car only arrived 45 minutes later. We reached JP's place at past 8PM and we had a nice dinner of lamb and beef. At 10:30PM, JP then sent his car to Shangri-La again to pick Marl up from his Monday stint at Shang.

Then we went to RP Entertainment Centre in Hyatt Saujana to watch the band, Beat Culture. These guys have been our friends since we started our band career. We used to work with another agent, Roca's, before we moved to John Chacko 10 years ago. Dang, their only female singer, has been one of closest friends I had when we were in Shanghai. Boozing and partying until 8AM! The group is still in tact, but since Dang just had her 3rd baby, she had to be replaced by another great singer named Wer (where or wear - don't know the spelling). It was already their last set when we came and they even asked me to jam a couple of songs before they finished. It was great to see them again. Went back to the hotel afterwards.

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