Nasi Kandar Pelita

Just had a hearty supper at Nasi Kandar Pelita in Ampang, near KLCC. Last time I was there was during our previous contract. Papa Jamal & Mama Siah took us there tonight to have a sumptuous meal - I had Tandoori Chicken and Paper Tosai. Marl had fish head curry and Jan had briyani rice with lots of curry gravy on top. When they reached the table, I said to myself of Jan, "hmmm brave girl". But after 2 spoonful of what she's having, Jan just turned red. It was so spicy for her. However, I really enjoyed my paper tosai & tandoori.

Note for my friend wmw: Maybe next time, I have to take photo of the food I'm eating too, so my readers will understand how the food looks like. Make them all hungry too. LOL


Anonymous said...

and note for my naughty sis ritz who tries to make me hungry even without the picture of the food. those food u mentioned of what 3 of u were having happen to be my favourites! yummm~~~

wmw said...

Ha ha ha....maybe you should. Hey, hop over to my blog and read about the Raya dos that I attended!