Nasi Kandar Pelita

Just had a hearty supper at Nasi Kandar Pelita in Ampang, near KLCC. Last time I was there was during our previous contract. Papa Jamal & Mama Siah took us there tonight to have a sumptuous meal - I had Tandoori Chicken and Paper Tosai. Marl had fish head curry and Jan had briyani rice with lots of curry gravy on top. When they reached the table, I said to myself of Jan, "hmmm brave girl". But after 2 spoonful of what she's having, Jan just turned red. It was so spicy for her. However, I really enjoyed my paper tosai & tandoori.

Note for my friend wmw: Maybe next time, I have to take photo of the food I'm eating too, so my readers will understand how the food looks like. Make them all hungry too. LOL

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