Puzzle me

If you've been visiting my site for a few years now, you would still remember my puzzle pic on my front page. It was an unsolvable one though, because it's just a puzzled picture. Except for a few friends who have really printed it out and cut the pieces out and really solved my puzzled pic (di ba, Trish? LOL). One friend just downloaded it to his PC, cut and paste the pieces into a new image till he solved it. That's what boredom can do!

Well if you're bored right now, you can also try the crazy stuff my friends did. But this time, no printing or cut-and-paste will be done. Just click HERE and have fun!

NOTE: Thanks Sis Linty for informing me of the non-working link. I've fixed it. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

sis... i can't have fun with your Puzzle Me... the Just click HERE doesn't let me click... hehhehee