Ping... pong...

That's how we feel right now. We're still at the De Palma Hotel and we are packing AGAIN at the moment. We got a call from Shangri-La and said that we can check back in again. Good Lord!!! They could have just put us by the poolside there, gave us some pillows and blankets, if we knew that we're just staying out for a night!

Hahaha! *laughing sarcastically*

But it's still better staying in a hotel rather than being bitten by mean suckers. Oh well, I'll stop complaining right... till my next complaint... I hope the next time they send us out, they wil inform us at least a night before moving out and not like 2 hours before they want us to check-out. So that I can dry my lingerie the night before and not leave them wet among our luggages!

Our limousine service will be arriving very shortly to pick us up... hope that they will give us the same room... the MarRitz suite. LOL.

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