Hips don't lie

Alas, it's pay day! So instead of rehearsing today, we've got an excuse not to rehearse at all. Yeyyy! Been to KLCC, bought a new skirt at Romp. I've been on a skirt hunting for couple of weeks now bu I can't find my kind of skirt from other shops. I was about to get an M-size which hugs my hips just right, but, because I've got a narrow waistline, it's too loose on the waist. So I had to resort to an S-size which looks fitting on my hops but hugs my waist just right. That's the problem with me. Actually my waist and hips are just right, with vital stats of 36-26-36. Alright, 36-27-36 when I've just eaten a hearty meal. But I don't know why it's kinda difficult to find a good pair of pants, shorts, or skirts because it would either hug my waist or my hips. Maybe it's because of the fleshy part of my bum. LOL. So eventhough my waistline changes its measurement everytime, one thing is for sure. Like Shakira, my hips don't really lie. It's always 36. =)

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