Guess what?

The hotel is running full until next week. So they asked us to half-pack our stuff and be prepared to move out. If it will happen, this is the 2nd time we're moving out since year 2002. I remember in Jan 2003, we were asked to move out, too, during Mr. Michael Cottan's time. But since the Mr.Cool ex-GM Richard Riley took over in 2003, we were never asked to move out eventhough the hotel is 110% full. He was a musician before and he knew that it's not easy to move in and out with all the instruments we have. But since he already finished his managerial contract with the Shangri-La, we'll have to abide by the hotel rule - all inhouse staff has to move out if the hotel is full. So now, our room looks like semi-Jurassic Park with all the stuff in the bed. Hmmmm... getting angry is not my nature and very bad for my beauty... breathe in... hmmmmm.... breathe out...
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