Laughing trip

There's no news yet when we will be moving out. In fact, some of the things that I packed are out again coz I need to use them. LOL. It's already Friday and hope that they would really consider to retain our room. Jan can stay here with us, she's always here anyway. Besides, she has a fewer stuff than us.

Tonight was another busy evening at the lounge. With the ongoing Figo Congress, most hotels in this city centre (where Shangri-La is located) are fully booked. That's the reason why they want us to move out. But praying we won't have to move out.

There were quite a few interesting things happened tonight. A drunken guy from one of the VIP groups, came up on the stage twice, to dance - unfortunately, with me. I couldn't move at all because he was moving towards me all the time. We couldn't do anything, even the management, about it. They're powerful VIPs & they do whatever they want to do. But luckily, they didn't do anything that's not acceptable to me, the guy just danced with me onstage.

Another thing happened on our last set. I was singing a song from the musical Bombay Dreams and Marl did something funny. He tried to do the "tounge-twisting" part of the song, which he hasn't done before. I was shocked and I just started laughing until I couldn't sing anymore. The guests who were watching us were all smiling too, but clueless why we were all laughing onstage. I still continued laughing uncontrollably until my eyes were still full of tears (from laughing so hard) 3 songs after that. Very extended laughter! After we finished the set, I had to use my Ventolin pump because I was attacked by asthma from laughing. When I went down, most guests asked me the reason why I couldn't stop laughing, and again, I started laughing until we reached our room. I'm worrying that I might just lose it when we sing it the next time. But anyway, it was a good laughing trip to end this evening...

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wmw said...

Oooh, gotta hear this song when we next drop by (complete with the tongue twisting part). Hopefully you won't be laughing so much till you have an asthma attack, wouldn't want that!