Wardrobe mishap

We have quite a few costumes that we bought from the Philippines. They came in different colors that are pleasing to one's eyes. And most of the staff ang guests like our dresses, the color and its modest yet modern style.

One of the costumes that I have was damaged, though. The part where it hugs the chest part got torn! I don't have to state WHAT could have caused it but I can tell you that it was ripped because of "size". Jan's dress of the same kind is still in tact, with no trace of rip or whatsoever. Mine was really ripped and irreparable. Funny thing was I just realized it after our show. The reaction on my face was surely priceless.

Couple of "wardrobe malfunction" happened to me before on the same stage of Shang KL couple of years back. I was wearing this cute dress where it has to be tied on the nape and at the back. One can't wear bra or put pads underneath it because it would be obvious. So I was dancing one time and something just snapped. It was a bit late when I covered up my right breast because people had already chanted in unison "woooooahhh!". Luckily camera phones were not yet in the market then so I'm guessing that I was safe from being posted on the net or America's Funniest Videos. And it happened again a year after that with the same dress, this time exposing my left breast. LOL. After that incident, I ditched that dress into my vault of memoirs. Yes I still have it. LOL.

I still have couple of minor wardrobe mishaps these days that are not as stimulating as before. LOL. So, sorry guys! LOL.

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