Video: Macarena girl in 1997

For some who don't know, Concorde Hotel KL was the 1st hotel in KL I have performed at back in January 1997. My band then was called Danger Zone where Marl and I were 2 of the 3 frontliners. It was our 1st official booking with Seagulls Promotions and in Malaysia.

This video was from my video archive. The latest dance craze then was still Macarena. Who can forget that? Taken during the New Year's Eve in 1997. Or should I say it was already Jan.1, 1998 when this was taken. Considered antique by this date. Worth a million bucks. Indonesian Rupiah I mean. Hahaha! Enjoy! More to come!

PS: The one singing beside me is not a transvestite. LOL. That's Ricky of LoveJoy band. The guys, including Marl, did a small New Year's Eve special called the Spice Gays. Yes, it was the Spice Girls fever at that time, too! You can see Marl in MY Ginger Spice outfit, hitting a tambourine, walking back & forth behind me. LOL.


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