Down under to Shang

It was a rather boring day. I didn't accomplish much today except rehearsing. The rest is the pretty old boring stuff. Marl and Jan are down with flu and I'm hoping it doesn't get worse.

It was quiet at the lounge as well. People were surely dead as if we were just an MTV screen onstage! But it's not only the lounge, but other outlets as well, in fact the whole hotel. There have been lots of security all around and outside the hotel. We had to take longer break after our 2nd set. They didn't want us to play as the Australian Prime Minister John Howard walks in who will be staying in town for the next 2 days I guess. I'm not really sure why he's here except from the concept that he wanted to see me. LOL. But I don't know why he just passed by me as he walks on the red carpet. Maybe because I was wearing black and he has night blindness. And I don't know why I said that. Joke. LOL.

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