Not yet moving

I have packed some stuff since they're still not sure when we will be moving. My books, guitar, my little pink cabin luggage. It's quite difficult to pack the other stuff we're using most of the time. The toiletries are still untouched, it would be a big hassle for me if I put them inside a bag & just ramdomly search by putting in my hand to find what I need. The dresses and clothes on their hangers are still in the closet. Not easy to iron clothes. I hate ironing. The shoes are still out, I need different pairs for day & work & play. The computer-related stuff still out as well as other electronics we use. No one can stop me for touching my computer anyway. Marl still got his keyboard and speakers and other computer gadgets still out, too. Our rehearsal will be put on hold if he packs his stuff. How can we pack all these stuff when they don't even know when we will be moving out? We're kept hanging. Imagine all our stuff, to be packed in these luggages again?

For others' info, we're sent packing because the hotel is running full and will be running soooo full during the weekend. Heard they will put us in a less busy hotel. Faraway Dynasty I heard.

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