No wi-fi!!!!!!!!

We've checked-in back to Shangri-La KL the day after they sent us out. So we just had to stay at De Palma Hotel for a night. And I was right. Our new room at the Shangri-La is facing the KL Tower. It also faces a small forest-like hill where we can see monkeys swinging from tree to tree. Real monkeys and my story is true!

When I took out my laptop and turned it on... waited for a minutes while holding my breath... NO WI-FI!!! Really, there's no access to any wi-fi hotspots and my story is true. LOL. The only wi-fi hotspot I can find is from PanGlobal building which requires authentication. LOL. Upon learning this, I contacted the Duty Manager and asked him to let me know if the current guest in our old room (facing Concorde) checks out. I need that room! I need wi-fi! God, help meeeeee!

So here I am at my old hangout, Starbucks in KLCC. Just booked a ticket for Selena for her Christmas holiday. Yipeeeeee! Can't wait!!!

You will definitely hear from me again once we get to the old room. Please, please, make it happen... sooner than later!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you get your wish soon!