Relaxed and boozed

Those are the things that happened to me yesterday during our off. Woke up at noon and went to our agency in Cheras. Had lunch with our boss, had sumptuous Chinese food: sweet&sour pork, kangkung belacan, steamed fish, eggplant, omelet, mushroom, and 2 bowls of rice. I was so full and my tummy's happy. My pocket's happy as well because I was able to claim my hospitalization bills during my hernia surgery last April from the insurance company. Very good claim, around 98%! And our boss gave me and Marl our bonuses from a very successful stint at the Shangri-La Mactan. It was OUR booking anyway which we just forwarded to him.

We took LRT back to the city. Got off Hang Tuah and then walked our way to Sungei Wang. The weather was good and I also had so much to eat at lunch, just right ditance for an exercise. Jan bought a new fone, I helped her choose. She had RM400 budget so we had to find a mobile phone which has the right features for her. We were able to get a slim Motorola fone which has camera for stills and video, bluetooth, MP3, and polyphonic. We haggled at RM430. A good buy nonetheless. I also bought new pair of sandals which was a very good buy at RM29.90!

Went back to the hotel by monorail. It was drizzling so had to run on the way to the hotel from the Bukit Nanas station. Talked to my friend Hiyas on the phone for more than an hour. She was telling me stories about her cute daughter Jihane who's 14 months old. Rested for a bit, then went down to the lounge to listen to Marl. He was on his 2nd and last set. Some "friends" tried to get me drunk though. First they gave me Long Island Cold Tea (don't like it iced LOL). Then Wati, our lounge manager, gave me whiskey-coke. It didn't end there. I sat on the bar because the my "friends" were challenged. They have tried getting me drunk before, but since I can handle myself with drinks, they thought they have never got me drunk. Tipsy, but not drunk. So I sat on the bar with Jan. They gave me flaming B52 which I must say one of my favorite shooters. It was my first time to try Submarine, tequila in an upside-down tequila glass, submerged in a bigger glass of beer. One has to sip the beer with a straw until halfway then flip the tequila glass so the tequila will be mixed with the beer, then drink it bottom up. And that didn't stop them! They gave me this Killer Flaming Lamborghini which has 5 glasses of different stuff in a row. It's Lamborghini, Baileys, flaming Sambuca with another thing I forgot then tequila shot. It surely did shoot me right! I got a bit of scolding for Marlou but I got away it anyway. At least, I've tried it. Anyway, the next time I'll have it might be on our last night performance again! Hahaha!

Was I drunk? Yeah. But amazingly I was able to go online until 4AM, even chatted and replied emails - like in normal tone. Hahaha! Luckily, I got up without any hangovers.

Note: Had to edit the real word for "friends" to protect them. Lucky you, if you've read this post yesterday. LOL

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Anonymous said...

tips for hangover. just drink borocca or chomps on any greasy foods. but of course i dont have to be hangover to have that drink and greasy foods.. hahahahahhaha