A1 season again

Tonight was a very busy evening at the lounge again. Although the people were more laxed to clap after each song, most of them would still listen when we'd play nice songs and all of them would watch when we'd play fast songs. Thanks to our new friends from Norway (not all Norwegians, though, right Khalil?) who have supported us the past nights. They also gave bottles of wines for us, thanks for that!

A1 Grand Prix is here in KL again. We've got free tickets so the 3 of us are going there tomorrow. It's almost 3:30AM and I'm still awake. Need to get up at 7:30AM because we need to catch the train to take the shuttle bus to the Sepang Circuit. It will be a long day tomorrow. I'm lookin' forward to be burned under the sun. Can't wait. Need to sleep now. Tuh-tah!
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