38 hours

That's how long I've managed to stay awake, with cat naps in between, since Saturday afternoon. We had to wake up at 7:30AM yesterday for the A1 Grand Prix, so I tried going to bed at around 4AM. But no success. Only had headache when I finally got up for the long day. I've mentioned in my previous blog entry that we stayed until 5PM in the circuit and we were back in the hotel by 7PM. Had a power nap for 20 minutes and was able to sustain my energy level at work until 12:30AM. Did my computer stuff until 4AM, hit the bed at 5AM. Had a fair enough rest but still my body is still yearning for more. We finally asked the management to move us back to the 3rd floor and they managed to put us back to the MarRitz Suite. So I had to pack our stuff tonight while Marl would sing his heart out, then maybe see some friends, then we'll be moving rooms after that. I will surely have a good rest afterwards then!

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