Eat's a day... but... grrrr!

If we'll look back to what we enjoyed doing today, it's the sumptuous food we had from lunch, dinner and supper. We had lunch with Nanay Susana at Restoran De Maw in Cheras, a small Chinese Restaurant, where we had some good food. On the way back, we dropped by Sungei Wang to do our little shopping.

But the great day has turned into grey when I got an unexpected call from the hotel at 4PM. The hotel's occupancy was running high so we were requested to check out at 6PM. @#$%^&*!!! How can they expect us to pack in an hour and be ready to check out? What are we, FlashJacks? But anyhow, we managed to dump our stuff in the luggages. Yes, we have half-packed our stuff last week but had most of our stuff out eventually after a few days. So we were back to one at packing today. Everyone was having a bad temper. I was having a slight fever (been feeling sick since weekend) and my 1st day period, and there I was, pushing the stuff into the already-full luggages, trying my luck to close it (which I actually did successfully - ehem!).

We managed to bring down our luggages by 6:30PM. While waiting for the next move, the 3 of us had dinner buffet at the Lemon Garden Cafe. The food was good, but I didn't enjoy it because all I wanted to do was to rest my back. My lowerback was aching because of my period and from bending when I was packing (packing with a PA not an FU, ok?!? LOL)

It was already 8:00PM and we're still at the Shangri-La. We knew that we'd be starting late tonight, it wasn't our fault anyway. They gave us last minute notice.

The hotel's limousine service took us 20 minutes away to Ampang, in a small hotel called De Palma Hotel. I know... they could have just booked us somewhere near like Concorde, Prince, Equatorial, Renaissance or anywhere somewhere near Shangri-La. But apparently, all the hotels - literally ALL - are full because of the UMNO thing. Even this De Palma Hotel, can you believe that?

The rooms are like Concorde's standard rooms, if you don't know Concorde, then just let your imagination run wild. It's basically the same - except for the mini-bar that Concorde rooms have. And you know, I'm behaved here. Oh yes I am! You know why? Because the Bilik Surao (Prayer Rooms) are just beside our room! Can't make lots of noises - especially wild ones! LOL.

Another funny thing. Our room has 2 twin beds. It's too small to be shared unless you want to be motionless the whole night, so that means I might sing Paul Anka's "I Don't Like To Sleep Alone" in the middle of the night! There were no towels at all. I had my shower and guess what I wiped myself with to get dry - my used and worn blouse! I never sweat today anyway so I suppose that it's still clean! Hahaha! The bathroom sink was also clogged and so the bubbles I made from brushing my teeth took half an hour to subside. Also, the shower doesn't have cold water at all. Only hot. Damn hot! I actually can tolerate hot water but when Marl took a shower, he kept on shouting inside the bathroom. I didn't tell him about that and I was smiling while I was dressing up. When he finished his hot shower, he complained that the water was too hot - that he thought HIS EGGS WOULD BE COOKED! Hahahahahahahahahaha! I had a good laugh at that.

We reached the hotel at 9:45PM, the lounge was already full with people who have been waiting for us for an hour. There were a group of royalties, too, who wanted their Malay songs to be played first. I didn't have much energy for dancing tonight. Besides, we wore that green tube dress again which kept dropping. It's not that I didn't want to move. Of course, I always want to give people their money's worth by putting up a great show. But healthwise, I wasn't okay. If only I could explain to them the reason why. Tsk tsk...

We only played for 3 sets. The Vision5 band from Concorde dropped by for a set. We came back to De Palma Hotel at 1:30AM, ate our taken-away supper while watching some TV drama which we can't understand. It's in Chinese with Malay subtitle - sorry, no cable here! So I turned on my laptop and I discovered the great discovery of the season... WI-FI signal baby!!! But it's too slow it kept on cutting off. But at least, this blog came through... Ahihihihi!

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Wild noises? Lucky Marlou!:op