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Busy busy busy

Itchy palms

Post-Christmas fun at Times Square

Christmas sprain


Christmas party at 4AM

Notable Christmas Eve in KL 2006

In loving memory of Victoriano "Agong" Sy

It's Christmas eve & moving!!!

For people working in hotels


This is the moment

Waiting anxiously

Pbase updated

Lucky 9,999!!!

Please pray for my family

An off before Christmas

Better (Sun)day

Countdown in Style at Shangri-La

A week before Christmas eve

When Selena comes to town...

Who says I'm pregnant?

Hurtin' from head to toe

Punching my card

Still not well

Pain in the head

New... err... Old videos added

Xmas shopping

Full all day

December pix updated

Video page up!!!

Kris Kringle

Christmas in the air

Knock on wood

Caught on A1 cam!


Mars & Venus

December commences