Full all day

I was in dreamland when the phone rang at 2PM. It's our Papa Jamal & Mama Siah and they were in KLCC so they wanted to meet up with us. I dragged my ass off the bed and didn't even have my usual dose of coffee. I still had pillow marks on my face when we were walking to KLCC. Met up with our friends and went straight to the Little Penang Cafe on the top floor. Had Char Kway Teow and Rojak and was thankful to have my freshly brewed coffee.

Walked around the mall as we window shopped while I was in my comic state. Jan lost her voice coz of laughing. I saw one lady in a sexy bright red-orange dress, big shades and high heel shoes. Sexy yet very funny. She trotted like a model, well, a defunct model maybe. With a chest-up-stomach-in-butt-out gait. Striking and really head-turning... head-turning because you'll wonder if she's knows she's in a mall and not some nightclub. And head-turning because you'll wonder if you've seen a girl or another gender! LOL. Ohhh, good Lord, forgive me for my wagging tongue of uninvited and unfavorable judgment!!!

Before we headed back to the hotel and while waiting for the rain to stop, we had some traditional snacks at the Aseana cafe. Our tummies were all full until our esophaguses. When we went back to the hotel, I had an hour of beauty rest before work. Enough time to make up for the disturbed sleep earlier.

Work was as usual great eventhough I was having a bad hair day. I set my hair with curls at the end, but due to dancing and sweat, my golden crown became a lion-like do! LOL. Anyway, it's our off tomorrow. Yipeeeee!

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