Caught on A1 cam!

During the A1 GP race at the Sepang Circuit in KL on Nov.26, there were 2 girls dressed in kebaya and looked more like flight attendants. I took their photos as I was walking during lunchtime and they also took mine with their own cam and then anded me a business card with the line "For this picture, go to". And I disregarded it.

I was cleaning my table the other night and saw the card and I just went on the said address for curiosity's sake. And yes, I saw my face there - among 185 other people (mostly guys). Thought it was bogus and I even thought that they had a toy cam because it didn't look too professional & it didn't have flash at all. Remember those times when you'd take your dad's film camera without any film inside and pretend to shoot people with it? That's how I felt they were doing. But I was wrong.

See for yourself - Win The Pace Car photo gallery.

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