Kris Kringle

Just been to meet up with other musicians. We met up for the fortcoming Christmas party we're organizing. Every Christmas, we try to have this little party of Pinoy musicians. This year, Concorde and Shangri-La bands are joined by the Park Royal band. So in preparation for that, we had the Kris Kringle draw for our little traditional exchange gift or Kris Kringle. We drew out some names and the one that you'll be getting will receive a little gift from you. Well, since none of the musicians present there reads my blog often, I'll let you in for my little secret. My Kris Kringle is a guy. Ooops, that's enough.

Still full from the supper we just had. We had our supper behind Concorde. It's fun when musicians would hang out all together sometimes. I still am having problem with my video page and still trying to sort out the problem. But I'm really sleepy. Gotta go now!

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