In loving memory of Victoriano "Agong" Sy

A very responsible father and a very good friend, my 2nd father, Victoriano Sy, popularly known as "Agong" in Chinese community, has passed away last December 23.
He was diagnosed with lung cancer last April this year and battled with it since then. But he finally ended his suffering to leave us to a better place in heaven where he can no longer feel pain.
Although he's gone and the pain of losing him will linger, my mom Linda, and their two sons Vic Andrew (17) and Christopher (16), along with myself, Marlou and Selena, have wholly accepted that life has to pass on. But we will surely miss his presence and his memories will definitely remain forever.
May he rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

my Condolences to your mother and their children and to you as well...i didn't know...