This is the moment

My princessette is in town! Her flight was delayed for an hour and so I had to anxiously wait for her arrival to the hotel until 2:30AM! But it was such a delight to see my princessette as she walked into the hotel entrance, pulling her pink trolley bag.

Since her flight was at 9PM and coming KL was 4 hours, I had to endure the whole evening at work with butterflies on my stomach. I was exceptionally elated the whole evening. Yes she managed to travel overseas alone!!! She said the people were so nice to her and she was seated beside a Chinese guy on the plane. I asked her whether the guy talked to her, she said, "yes, but I couldn't understand most of the time because he was too slang!". LOL.

After laughing and playing with me and Jan, she's now off to bed. I'm going to sleep with her in a while, too, after blogging. I couldn't let this wonderful moment pass without sharing it with you guys! This Christmas will definitely be better than Christmas itself!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the Christmas wishes. Merry Christmas to you, Marlou and your little princess, Selena..(oh, and Jan too). Hope to catch you all soon when Coreen gets back from USA.